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Fixing Mistakes

Types of Mistakes

  1. Bad Links
    1. Adding children to wrong family
    2. Adding parents to incorrect children, linking incorrect spouses.
  2. Bad Entries
    1. Duplicate someone already in the file
    2. Adding someone who doesn’t belong in the file

Prepare FamilyFile to Fix Mistakes

Create Test FamilyFile, back it up. Run Pedigree  and List reports with ID field

Grandfather Smith, Grandmother Kelly - Father
Grandfather Jones, Grandmother Rogers – Mother
Father John Smith, Sister Haley Smith, Brother Charlie Smith
Mother Jane Jones
Child Smith, Huey, Dewey & Mrs Delores Clip, Louie, Child Extra
** Duplicate the familyfile, so you can start over if necessary
** List the family & add the ID column

Fix Mistakes in Test FamilyFile

  1. Wrong Mother – Grandmother Rogers and Dolores Clip reversed
    Fix by dragging both to the Clipboard then to their wife name buttons
  2. Wrong Child – Louie Smith should be Son of Grandfather Smith
    Fix by dragging Child Louie Smith To Clipboard, then Dragging from the clipboard to the child of the Grandfather
  3. Extra Child -  Child Huie
    Fix – Way one, drag to the Clipboard, then delete
             Way two – Mark and CHANGE/DELETE
  4. Not married after all
    Drag Marriage to Clipboard – Creates unlinked person
    Delete the unlinked person

Open Kennedy FamilyFile and make sure to back it up. Create a Pedigree chart and and List with Person ID column

Duplicate Adopted Children

For Adopted Children or Step Children you want to show in Family Trees, Use Add Child from Index Feature, then duplicate

Reunion Tips – Control over your Data

Things that should be noted

  1. Show List Statistics
  2. Create a Descendant Chart and/or an Ancestor Chart  with Siblings
  3. View the index
  4. Note that ID numbers created by deletions are reclaimed
  5. Delete a marriage

Finding unlinked groups of people in your database

  1. Go to your home card
  2. Mark all linked people
  4. Create Tag

Finding Unlinked People

Occasionally you are unlinked by mistake or added as an unrelated person.


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