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iPhoto 11 and Charting

Mac Tips

Reunion Tips

  • Sibling Popup - If a person has siblings, you click on the left hand side of the name bar where three horizontal bars are located and a list of siblings will be displayed. Clicking on a sibling will take you to that person's family card.
  • Source "Endnotes Off" Box Checked - You need to check this box when entering notes into sources or the note will be printed out along with citation entries
  • Save CaptionsYou can save text you've typed into captions, so they will be there when creating a new caption. After creating a text box and typing something into it right click on a non-selected area on the text box. Then click "Save Default Text Attributes" and also click on "caption". The next time you create a text box, the caption you saved will appear saving much time.

iPhone 11

Enhancements: Full Screen Mode, bookshelf view, iPad photo stacks, faces and locations, new templates for emailing photos, slideshows, photo books, Letter Press Cards and Facebook Enhancements

Emailing Photos You can select several photos in an event or photo album , click share, then click email. iPhoto will create a collage of the photos you choose and allow you to add messages and photo descriptions. The collage can be emailed in a variety of sizes.

Photo Books with Carousel View - When creating a photo book, iPhoto has a new interface that lets you choose the size and layout of your photo book. It also gives you design options and cost options from a rotating carousel of photo book types.

Letter Press Cards a new type of card can be composed and ordered from Apple, with embossing plus your photos and custom message on each.

Charting and photos

For effective charts (Pedigree, Descendant, Relative, Fan and Timeline) make sure you have a good head shot of each relative on their multimedia family card. When you see a photo on a Reunion family card, it's a "pointer", not an actual photo. So if you move the photo to a different location on your hard drive, Reunion will lose track of the picture.

To apply the head shot click/drag the photo from either iPhoto or a locally accessable folder to the name bar of the individual. Alternatively, go to family card and click on "Multimedia", select the desired person, then click/drag the picture to the multimedia windowor click on the "+" button at the bottom of the screen to search/select a picture on your hard drive.

If you have a group picture, it can be easily cropped within Reunion. First, drag it to the desired family card, edit the picture (double-click it) and press the Command key and click/drag an outline to crop one person's photo. Using this technique a group snapshot can be used to supply head shots for many individual's and you've only used up the space of one picture on your hard drive.

After you've created a chart, it can be dressed up by dragging additional photos onto the chart, then resizing each photo to suit. There's a trick, to resizing if you drag the photo to a person box, the photo auto-resizes itself to fit within the box. Then you drag it back out of the person box. Remember that the photos optimally need to be 300 pixels wide/tall per inch to be clearly printed. So if your photo is going to be 1 inch sqare on your chart, it should be at least 300 pixels on each side. The pixel size can be determined by opening the picture with the PREVIEW program of the Mac, then click on "Tools" and "Adjust Size".





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