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Census Analysis - 24 Jul 2010

Mac Tips

Google Family Web Site: http://sites.google.com/site/georgefamilywebsite/
Google Group
U.S. History Lesson

Reunion Hints

How to determine relationships in Reunion

  1. :Start Reuninion and open a database
  2. Navigate to the family card you want to be the "source
  3. Click LIST | RELATIVES | IDENTIFY(in heading) |
    Click on Person | IDENTIFY (bottom)
  4. Now navigate to any relative and the relationship to your source person will be shown just above the Family Card Name bar.

How to make a relationship Chart

The problem is how to make a chart that shows the relationship between two fairly distantly related people in your family tree.

  1. Navigate to your Family Card of 1st person, then Click on CHANGE | MARK GROUPS | ANCESTORS of desired person | UNMARK EVERYBODY FIRST | MARK
  2. Navigate to your Family Card of 2nd person, then Click on CHANGE | MARK GROUPS | ANCESTORS of desired person | Unclick on UNMARK EVERYBODY FIRST | Click MARK
  3. Navigate to the common ancestor of 1st and 2nd person, then click on CREATE | DESCENDANT CHART | MARKED DESCENDANDS ONLY | CHART
  4. Customize chart with pictures, Titles and additional text boxes as necessary. Go back and repeat step 3 to generate a new chart with different layouts.

Census Analysis...

We spoke about two Spreadsheets that are VERY helpful in analyzing census records.

1. SVCGG's Analysis Spreadsheet Click on "Free Downloads" and then "Census analysis form"

2. Censustools.com -(a) Click on "Downloads" (b) click on "Mac Users click Here for Mac Compatible Downloads", (c) Under Choose a Collection, select "Censustools Collection (all 43 Spreadsheets - 500kb" (d) supply your name and email address (e) click download it. The spreadsheets are in a compressed zip file. All you do to uncompress it is double-click after downloading and a folder will be created with all the spreadsheets. Use the one named, "Census.xls". You need either Excel or Numbers to open it.






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