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Slideshows - 23 Mar 2010

IRich Peterson showed us many, many ways to produce family history slide shows from your photos, especially those in Reunion. These are his notes, that he handed out at the meeting. His original handout is here.

1. Quick View of Photos fromMac Finder

  • Open the folder that contains the photos you want to view
  • Click Edit / Select All
  • Press Start Show or advance manually
  • Order of photos is alphabetical

2. Slide show in Reunion

It is best to place a copy of all reunion photos into a dedicated folder Standard location is Users/ username/ Pictures/ Reunion Pictures/ family_file_subfolder Photos must be identified within the Reunion Multimedia function to be included Be sure to reference the photo in the dedicated folder when seleting in Multimedia

  • A simple slide show for multiple pictures of a single individual can be generated from within the multimedia file for that person. Go to that person’s family card and select Multimedia the icon menu Choose the person or family option to display the photos in that section. Choose the “hammer icon” and select Play Slideshow to begin. Preferences can ;be used to adjust the timing,background, etc.
  • A multiple person slide show is created by starting with Create/ Slideshow Select the Persons to be included (All, Marked only, Unmarked only). Check if you want to include Family pictures. Prune to limit the number for each person or to use only the preferred photo. Photos identified as “sensitive” can be eliminated from the slideshow.

Once you create the slide show you have lots of options:

  • Play the show as is or “drag and drop” to change the order of the slides
  • Adjust the preferences to change timing, background, music, text, etc
  • The slideshow can be saved as a movie, using the “hammer” icon.
  • Closing the dialog box will give a option to save the show (in Reports folder)

3. IPhoto Slide Show

Place the photos you want to include into an Album or use an Event Activate the Slide show with the Play Slideshow Arrow in the lower left of the screen Choose the Settings and Music from the dialog box – then select Play File/ Export to Quicktime Movie

4. Slide Show in Photoshop Elements or Bridge

It is best to place the photos you would like to include in a folder on your system To create a PDF Slide Show, do one of the following:

  • Photoshop Elements - File > Automation Tools > PDF Slide Show.
  • Select “Presentation” and browse to the folder containing your photos.
  • Select all or some of the photos for the show and Open them.
  • Change the timing or transition for the presentation if desired
  • Save to Documents (or Desktop) – Chose to open after saving
  • When the document opens you can “drag and drop the photos in the sidebar to reorder them. Be sure to resave after your changes.
  • Choose View> Slideshow to see the completed slideshow

Bridge - From Photoshop Elements

  • - File > Browse with Adobe Bridge
  • Navigate to the folder that contains your pictures
  • Select all the images you want to use and arrange them in the order you want to display.
  • Choose Tools > Photoshop Elements > PDF Slide Show. (If you don’t select the images you want to use, the presentation will contain all the images currently displayed in Bridge.)
  • Note: Click a file to select it. Shift-click to select a series of files. Command-click to select noncontiguous files.

6. Photo to Movie

I like this program for producing a very flexible video production from a set of images. This could include saved charts produced in Reunion incorporated into the Photo to Movie production. See the Video Tutorials on the web page below. They also have some interesting examples in their movie gallery. http://www.lqgraphics.com/software/phototomovie.php


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