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Reunion for the iPhone and
Timeline Charts
June 27, 2009

Mac Tips

Finder Tips

It was stressed that The Finder application is an integral part of the Macintosh operation. We discussed turning off/on the Path Bar, Status Bar and Toolbar in Finder. Also shown was how to save file shortcuts on the finder tool bar to easily return to the finder tooldbar deep within the Mac's folder structure.


Reunion for the iPhone's use is to have your genealogy database available on the iPhone while you're in the "field". One can enter genealogy data in the iPhone and then sync it back to the Macintosh. Please refer to the meeting flyer and the keynote presentation.

Timeline Charts

The second topic was Reunion Timeline charts and the considerable flexibility the user has in creating them. See an example Timeline Chart created at the meeting.Download for free from Leisterpro the Perspective Event sets that users have created.

Reunion Tips

There was some question about the need to upgrade from Reunion 8 to 9, if you don't ned the iPhone App. Research into tthis will be presented at the next meeting in July.

MacGen Group Formation

Those present discussed and voted in favor of the official formation of a MacGen group with tthree people to serve as officers to organize meetings and conduct business. Those individuals are Ed Mason, Rich Peterson and Bill George. Monthly meetings with a "vacation? in December was felt to be the best way to begin. The matter of dues was not decided.

This second meeting on Saturday June 27th had 12 people in attendance. Bill George presented and demonstrated Reunion for the iPhone, Finder Tips, and Reunion Timeline Chart creation.



MaGen Flyers

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Other Information

There is one meeting a month, on the 2nd Wednesday on Zoom at 7pm, U.S. Pacific Standard Time. This meeting is an opportunity to get personalized help with Genealogy, Reunion, FamilySearch.org and your Macintosh. Become a member by attending a meeting and you'll be sent an announcement and reminder for the next Zoom meeting. Email Bill George if you would like to attend.